At Fresh Roof, we offer expert roof rejuvenation services for those in real estate, home inspections, roof washers as well as roofing contractors. Whether you are a real estate professional whose goal is to boost the curb appeal of your client’s home or you’re in the roofing industry and you’d like to refer a client to us who can’t yet afford a new roof, we’re ready to lend a helping hand.

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What’s the first thing people notice about a home? The roof — and when you utilize our roof rejuvenation services, it’s more likely that the home will sell more easily, and for more money.

Realtors and brokers looking to maximize the value of homes on the market should consider roof rejuvenation with Fresh Roof. Our services can make a home’s roof look brand new, and help it make a great first impression on potential buyers.

All backed by our industry leading 6 year warranty.

Our team of experienced professionals can quickly and effectively restore a roof to its original condition and make sure it looks great in the long term. With Fresh Roof, realtors can rest assured that their listings will look their best and draw in the most interest from potential buyers.


If you’ve come across a client whose roof is in desperate need of a helping hand, but who can’t quite afford to have a new roof installed, Fresh Roof can help!

Our roof rejuvenation services are the perfect solution for clients who can't afford a full replacement or want to extend the life of their roof while they save money. Roofing contractors can confidently refer their clients to us to provide the best roof protection services available, while also extending the life of their roof and preventing further damage.

Most importantly, our roof rejuvenation services will not only help protect a client’s roof and extend its life, but also improve its aesthetic appeal — and the results speak for themselves.

Property Managers

A roof can be one of a building’s biggest financial investments and something that is easy to protect and

neglect. Roofs receive a constant beating from a variety of sources: extreme weather and a lack of maintenance.

Worst case scenario, repairs left completely ignored can lead to the need for a total replacement. The key is to detect a problem sooner rather than later, before problems
become serious.

A well-maintained roof is your first defense to help ensure a secure and worry free property.

We will come out and inspect your roof and provide a written report of the condition of the roof.

With roof rejuvenation from Fresh Roof, we can eliminate the need for roof replacement for up to 18 years.

Contact us today to additional information.

Solar Installers

As solar panels become more mainstream, some obstacles that may make a home owners put off installation is the age of their roof. How many times has this stalled the sale and installation of a very wise investment for the home owner? The additional cost of a new roof is not appealing with the cost of solar.

Now there is an alternative. Roof rejuvenation can add up to 18 years to the life of an existing roof. We can apply it before the installation and than apply two additional coating 6 years apart.

The home owner gets the solar they want and not put off by roof replacement.

Roof Washers

As a Roof Washing company, you understand the importance of a clean and well maintained roof.

Fresh Roof want to partner with you. You are already taking care of your customers by cleaning their roof. Together lets help them extend the longevity of their roof. You clean them, we rejuvenate them and add up to 18 years to the life of their roof. The cost is about 15% of the cost of a new roof. Contact us about a partnership and add additional revenue to your business.

Contact us today to additional information.

Protect your pockets from a new roof, too.

With Peak 301, you’ll pay less than 15% of what you would’ve paid for a whole new roof. Even compared to the cheapest estimate from the iffiest roofing contractor in your city.

More than skin deep.

Peak 301’s chemistry-correcting formula saturates the entire shingle, molecule by molecule, to reverse damage and restore your roof.

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